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Personal Preparedness

By taking a few simple steps towards planning and preparation, we can not only often save ourselves but save countless lives. We can truly be the 'salt and light' for the world when a crisis hits! We buy auto, home, and life insurance to reduce the impact of potential catastrophes. Being prepared for a disaster puts us into the position of being 'proactive' instead of 'reactive!' That's an important distinction. Being proactive can save lives. Instead of being reactive when a crisis hits, those of us who have a plan and had prepared for what comes our way will have a significant advantage to those who do not.

Those of us at DRA have a sense of urgency to challege and prepare individuals and churches in our community to be ready for the disaster that we will be facing. The increase in earthquakes and the warnings that California is due for a larger shaker, and our susceptibility to floods, wildfires and brown-outs puts us at high risk. The warnings can no longer be just dismissed. We encourage you to insure yourself, your family and your church or congregation against the stress of a disaster by identifying ways to reduce the chaos of the crisis before it strikes.

Being prepared for disaster benefits not only ourselves but our families, our church families, and our community. Disasters give unprecendented opportunities for believers to be the 'salt & light' (Matt. 5:13-14) in our own community. In times of crisis, the Christian community and churches can--and should--play a unique role in responding to those in need. Our task is unique in that we not only have the opporunity to feed the hungry, provide shelter for those whose homes have been damaged or distroyed, but we are expected to play a unique role in respond to those needs, including emotional and spiritual comfort and prayer. Faith Based Organizations (FBO), the Christian community has the responsibility to become a haven of refuge in trouble times.    

We are offering you a FREE booklet that helps to address some of the most important considerations to your physical and emotional well-being. Let me ask you this... is knowning that your loved ones are safe important to you? Have you taken the steps necessary to ensure that you have an adequate supply of food and water? If not ... why not? It really doesn't take much time or effort. The Disaster Preparedness Guide can help you evaluate needs and prioritize your planning efforts.

Planning guidance includes:

  • Communications
  • Important documents
  • Identification and mitigation of household hazards
  • Emergency kits
  • What to do when disaster strikes
  • Emotional health


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Want to be notified when an emergency affects your community?

Learn about AlertOC, Orange County’s mass notification system.

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