You can make a difference

Is Your Church Ready?

In 2013, police pursued armed robbers onto Mariners Church grounds just as worship services were ending.  Would your staff and safety team have a plan to evacuate church members safely? 

On Christmas Day, 2004, an arson fire destroyed the building shared by Calvary Lutheran Church and the Saigon Reform Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana.  Would you respond with frantic confusion or with a prepared plan of action that lets you be a source of calm reason?

In 2010, mudslides damaged homes in the Orange County canyons.  Calvary Chapel Living Word had the infrastructure and relationships already in place to respond when the County asked for help to feed hundreds of volunteers.

Real churches.  Real disasters.  Real opportunities to be a light to Orange County.

Some emergencies, like a fire on your property, a burst pipe, a threat against a staff member, or a health emergency threaten your ability to continue ministering as usual.  Your goal is to minimize the impact and get back to normal operations as quickly as possible.  Every decision you can make ahead of time becomes a decision you don’t have to make in the stress and chaos of the moment.  Advanced preparation makes the difference between those who recover well and those who do not.

When the situation impacts your whole community, people search for a source of hope.  Because you follow Jesus’ example of caring for those in need, many who have never been to church will know of your reputation for meeting needs.  You are trusted.  In a time of crisis, your community will automatically look to you for comfort and help.  Advanced planning and preparation will enable you to effectively provide that help in the midst of an emergency.  Even before the disaster strikes, you can build trust and a caring reputation within your community by being a resource to help them prepare.

The difference between a disaster and an inconvenience is preparation. As Daniel prepared for the years of famine during the years of plenty, Disaster Resource Alliance is here to help you prepare.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficulties.  Our “Roadmap to Resilience” provides step-by-step guidance to simplify the journey.

To educate, equip, and empower your church to be a resource to your community today and in times of crisis, Disaster Resource Alliance offers:

  • Preparedness information gleaned from a wide range of emergency preparedness resources
  • Monthly networking opportunities (Build relationships now, before the disaster strikes!)
  • Training
  • Consulting services
  • Emergency supplies
  • Pre-affiliation with government and other relief agencies.  These connections are vital for “cutting through the yellow tape,” providing you the opportunity to deliver essential services and resources

What is your next step on the road to readiness?