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Church Preparedness

Is your church ready

Is Your Church Ready?


In 2008, fires ravaged the Orange County foothills.  The members of Friends Church Yorba Linda were ready to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their community.  Would you be prepared if an earthquake, flood, or fire devastated your community?

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Roadmap to Resilience

The Roadmap to Resilience

Find out where you and your church are on the journey toward resilience and identify the next steps.

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Host a Personal Preparedness Class

The first step to empowering your church to meet needs during an emergency is ensuring your people are personally prepared. Consider: Is it easier to stock emergency supplies for your entire congregation or to educate them to have supplies in their car and home? What about having enough staff and volunteers available during a crisis? Knowing their loved ones’ needs are met will enable them to focus attention on critical ministry needs of your church and community.

Disaster Resource Alliance can help! Knowledgeable instructors are available to bring user-friendly information to your house of worship. This is also a great opportunity to build your church’s reputation as a resource to the surrounding community. Invite your neighbors! Template invitations are available, ready for personalization. Emergency supplies can be made available for your staff, congregation, and community outreach fundraisers at a reduced cost, making it even easier to be prepared!

To learn more or schedule a Personal Preparedness Class, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Host a CPR/First Aid Class

Host a CPR/First Aid Class

First Aid and CPR training are beneficial in all areas of life, whether your primary interest is being prepared to help within your own family and neighborhood or you are part of your church’s emergency response team.

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Become a Resource

What ministries does your church currently offer your community?

  • Do you have a food pantry?
  • Is emotional and spiritual care part of your church’s DNA?
  • Perhaps you have a Helps ministry or a medical missions team...

Disaster Resource Alliance can help you discover the nexus between how you serve your congregation and community on a daily basis and meeting needs during an emergency. We have identified specific areas of service in which the Christian community can enhance community response and recovery. Some require training, licensing and/or certification; others call only for compassionate hearts.

  • Shelter/Care & Reception Center
    • Operate in partnership with the American Red Cross or independently
  • Mass Feeding
    • Hot or cold meals
  • Point of Dispensing or Distribution
    • In cooperation with OC Health Care Agency and your city emergency manager
      • Prophylactics
      • Food, water, ice
  • Medical response
    • Prescreen and affiliate with the Medical Reserve Corps
  • Emotional & Spiritual Care (chaplaincy)
    • Requires certification
  • Radio communication
    • In support of Disaster Resource Alliance partner response activities
    • Commercial and amateur bands
  • Debris Removal, salvage, home repair

One key to being an effective resource during times of crisis is building a healthy relationship with your local emergency community, both government and nonprofit, before the disaster strikes. DRA is your link to identify and make those vital connections.

To be a resource before the emergency, host a Personal Preparedness Class. Invite your neighbors and help them prepare!