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Our Mission

Disaster Resource Alliance exists to strengthen the Christian community to serve Orange County through times of disaster.

Here's what we mean by that:

"strengthen" – to prepare by building a cooperative network that shares resources; provides education, consulting services, and emergency supplies; and builds an infrastructure that is ready to respond
"the Christian Community" – all individuals and organizations that desire to demonstrate the love of Christ to the broader Orange County, CA, community
"to serve" – to provide valued resources to meet physical and spiritual needs of all people without discrimination
"Orange County" – those living, working, or simply present in Orange County, CA, at the time of a disaster
"through times" – starting with preparations to minimize the impact, serving during the event itself, and continuing through the recovery processes that follow
"of disaster" – an event that threatens the well-being of people or property, whether natural (e.g. earthquake, fire) or man-made (e.g. terrorism, technology infrastructure failures)

The reason we do this is to show God's love.

When caring people respond to help those who have experienced the trauma of a disaster, the recipients often ask, "Why?" Our answer is simply, "to show God's love." Traumatic events provide a powerful opportunity for the Church to demonstrate the Good News of God's love and truth through compassionate action. But it takes planning and preparation to be ready to respond in those situations. Helping our neighborhoods be better prepared to handle a disaster is one way to show we care all the time, not just in the face of immediate tragedy. DRA's purpose is to educate, equip, and empower churches to meet these needs.

Our Vision

Disaster Resource Alliance desires to become a model of collaboration between the faith-based community and local emergency management.

DRA's vision is to see the Christian community united in reaching out to meet disaster-related needs throughout Orange County. We believe that if we care for people in Christ's name by helping them prepare for a disaster, they may remember that name and call on Him when disaster strikes.

But the church has always existed in the context of broader communities. We believe that God calls His church to work alongside and in partnership with others in our communities. So DRA seeks to build trusted relationships between our partner churches and other emergency responders at the local, state, and national levels.

Once the success of our approach has been demonstrated in Orange County, our long-term vision is to be able to replicate this model in other localities.

Our Values

Core Values

What We Do

We want our partner churches to be equipped to be a valued resource to their communities and to respond effectively as part of their community's emergency response plan.

DRA is a network of Christian churches and organizations that works together to prepare for and respond to local disasters. We provide training, consulting services, networking opportunities, emergency supplies, and other resources to equip our partners and the local community. The Alliance leverages the unique skills and resources of each of our partner organizations. One church might have a well-stocked food pantry, while another has an emotional care and counseling ministry. Another partner might provide manpower to shovel mud, while yet another is a certified Red Cross shelter. Through our relationship with COAD-OC (Collaborating Organizations Active in a Disaster - Orange County), government emergency services can call upon DRA to bring needed resources to bear when disaster strikes. Affiliation with DRA "cuts through the yellow tape," providing our partners the opportunity to deliver essential services and resources.

We encourage our partners to begin by making sure they are personally prepared. Our ability to help others is greatly diminished when our own basic needs are unmet. Next we encourage organizational preparedness . Once again, being able to respond to others requires us to be ready to respond. Finally we encourage our partners to engage with their neighbors and community leaders to become a trusted, valued resource in time of need.

The cornerstone of our Alliance is our meetings that provide information and networking opportunities to build our effectiveness. See our calendar for the date, time, and location of our next meeting.