You can make a difference

Our Mission

When caring people respond to help those who have experienced the trauma of a disaster, the recipients often ask, "Why?" Our answer is simply, "to show God's love." Helping our neighborhoods be better prepared to handle a disaster is one way to show we care all the time, not just in the face of immediate tragedy. DRA's purpose is to educate, equip, and empower churches to meet these needs.


Our Vision

DRA's vision is to see the Christian community united in reaching out to meet disaster-related needs throughout Orange County. We believe that if we care for people in Christ's name by helping them prepare for a disaster, they may remember that name and call on Him when disaster strikes.


What We Do

DRA is a network of Christian churches and organizations that works together to prepare for and respond to local disasters. We provide training, consulting services, networking opportunities, emergency supplies, and other resources to equip our partners and the local community.